KOSID launches an awareness raising campaign on energy efficiency

Pristina, May 5, 2014 - The Kosovo Civil Society Consortium for Sustainable Development (KOSID) launched a campaign on energy efficiency, which has as an aim to raise citizens’ awareness on savings and financial benefits that the implementation of programs for efficiency may have. The conference discussed on solutions for energy problems through policies that will ensure the stable, affordable, safe and environmentally friendly supply of electricity.

Visar Azemi, Coordinator at KOSID, said that this awareness raising campaign contains three components, the electricity energy production, the price of electricity and energy efficiency. "The goal of the new campaign from KOSID is to sensitize the public once more on these three issues which are key components of the energy sector, and also disclose to institutions that are working on energy policies, that Kosova e Re is not necessary and should not be built," said Azemi.

While Agron Demi from GAP Institute, said that energy problems cannot be solved with the construction of a new plant of coal, as proposed by the Government.

Whereas, Liridon Durmishi from the Initiative for Environment and Local Development, said that all the consequences of mismanagement in the energy field, are being put on residents of the municipality of Obilic, mostly those of Hade.

In order to have a more rational use of energy, no breach of obligations and legal standards of the EU, and no need to build new capacity production from coal, KOSID proposed a ranking of priorities for the sector as following:

  1. Reduction of technical and commercial losses of electricity in an acceptable quota;
  2. Creation of a national program for energy efficiency in public and private sector with guaranteed funds by various donors and the Government of Kosovo;
  3. Exploration of all renewable energy sources which enables energy decentralization and diversification of energy sources;
  4. Further advancement of the energy market in Kosovo, starting from the construction of internal infrastructure, to the incentives for the liberalized market after 2015.

KOSID reiterates once again that Kosovo does not need a new power plant, and as such, being against the current policies and "Kosova e Re. '' The conference was concluded by stressing that Kosovo needs a more rational use of energy that would guarantee citizens cheaper invoices, and a better health and environment.

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