About Us

KOSID is a Consortium of Kosovo’s leading CSOs, from think tanks to independent media organizations to organizations that work with local communities. All member organizations work toward Kosovo’s sustainable development. The idea was to come together under one umbrella and use the skills that each organization harbors individually, to be more efficient in raising important debates for Kosovo’s future.

The overall goal of the Consortium is to raise debates that address Kosovo’s development challenges at hand. Through the research and outreach capacities available within the Consortium, KOSID is well placed to learn about the development policy issues and advocate for better policymaking and implementation with all available stakeholders.

Currently, we are actively engaged in the debates about Kosovo’s energy policies. Kosovo’s energy sector has been in disarray for over a decade. Strategies available to address the energy sector are mainly focused on building a new lignite fired power plant and mining more of Kosovo’s lignite. As a part of our campaign No New Coal – Safer Futurewe are arguing that there are smarter energy options for Kosovo. Those need to be explored before decisions for new power plants are taken, so we ensure that Kosovo’s economic development will not cause more harm than good.

Coal campaign